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SOLD Peruvian Opal Ruby Sterling 14KY Pendant

SOLD Peruvian Opal Ruby Sterling 14KY Pendant

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This Peruvian Opal, Ruby, Sterling and 14KY Pendant would be an amazing focal piece to set off your evening attire.  The sea colored, greenish blue will keep your admirers guessing as the translucent sea color is not turquoise, yet has a hint of another translucent beige and at certain angles appears to be lit from within.  Unlike other white well known opals, Peruvian Opal does not have flashes of color, although has unique properties of appearing gel-like, with an ominous glow of light much like a crystal ball. Only the discerning jewelry aficionado will guess it correctly.  You'll enjoy enlightening the many who inquire.

 A purplish red ruby was used to contrast the Peruvian Opal and a small vine of 14KY ties the fall pod below the opal to the maple branch. 

Peruvian Opals are usually found only in the Andes Mountains of Peru. In fact, they are considered a gift from Pachamama, the earliest Inca goddess of fruitfulness and Mother Earth.

Curiosity led Rebecca to collect than cast some Pepin, Wisconsin neighborhood branches to see how detailed the casting would be.  These castings have been incorporated into many, many jewelry pieces since.

Near the under part of the opal's oval, you will also find a Fall pod which in the same manner was curiously collected molded and cast .  You will find it is open and has 'blown it's seeds into the world" to contribute to the circle of life.

This is a "one of a kind" created by Rebecca Paquette Johnson, owner of BNOX in Pepin, Wisconsin.