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Lori Braun

LORI BRAUN; Artist and Accomplished Jeweler.
A perennial favorite, Lori Braun has been with BNOX since the early 1990's.
In the time between, I have grown more attuned to what makes Lori's jewelry so beloved. 
Lori is sensitive to each micrometer of her work; her craftsmanship is impeccable and her designs which vary between modest compilation and complex are multi-gem embellished, are always exquisite.  
Lori Braun creates in clean, predominantly minimal, designs.   Each hand selected focal stone is solidly set, many times in a bezel which enhances the general "clean lined" aesthetic Lori prefers, yet holds fast any gem leaving the wearer confident they are built to be worn and enjoyed daily.
Coupled with occasional subtle asymmetry and striking contrasting colored gemstones, Lori continues to let curiosity of a new stone or unusual cut develop the design, in keeping with that Lori Braun "signature look". 
Below, Lori Modestly articulates and summarizes her Jewelry making history and techniques.  Speaking from another metalsmith's point of view, however, Lori leaves out the part of being a highly accomplished designer and crafts person, which I will gladly and with the great confidence augment for her.
"I have been a jewelry artist for 30 years, and exhibit my work at a few galleries and during open studio events at The Casket Arts building in NE Minneapolis. After high school, I enrolled in a jewelry manufacturing and repair class at Hennepin Technical School. I really had no experience and didn't even know how to use a torch. After fifteen months of training, I went to work as a polisher for a small jewelry shop. About a year later, I landed another job which allowed me to blossom.  I was given the opportunity to actually create my own designs from start to finish!  After fourteen years at this position, it was time for me to move on and start my own business. My studio, which I share with Andy Olive and my Great Danes, Nellie & Ginger is in The Arts District of NE Minneapolis.
At a closer look, I am inspired by my surroundings.  My home, very natural wooded area with lots of wildlife and gardens contrast my studio space in the heart of Minneapolis. That contrast is reflected in my work through clean-lined design elements, bright color popping faceted gems against opposing texture and earth toned cabochons.  All of my jewelry is fabricated from gold & silver.  The metal work usually surrounds a beautiful gemstone and is "constructed" using square and round wire, sheet, tubing and solder. The metal is forged, shaped, roller-printed and domed using hammers and other tools. A single piece is comprised of many parts, all of which are soldered at each joint. A piece of my jewelry may contain anywhere from eight to twenty different solder joints. My style is contemporary with an emphasis on color. I hope when you look at a piece of my jewelry, you are not only enticed by it's beauty, but also by it's quality.
Thank you to each and every one of you who have ever purchased a Lori Braun design. I appreciate all of you!"