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Laura Stamper

Laura Stamper:  Sculptor/Jeweler
Laura been designing and creating figurative 'wearable sculpture' jewelry for over 20 years, and has recently added a line of rings crafted from precious metals, gem stones, enamel and resin. These pieces are made with the urban goddess in mind. Most of the pieces are one of a kind, some can be sized.
Recently, Laura has been moving through multi art forms and landing on a new style that is whimsical and soft in color and design.  Enamels have overtaken the prior porcelain work.  And where there were maidens and goddesses in bright opaque contrasting "framework", there are now soft, semi-translucent painterly images of animals, abstracts and still a few lovely feminine faces.  Laura Stamper follows her curiosity.  It is shape shifting, but she is on it's tail.
This new change in Laura's artful jewelry is full of gentle brushstrokes and the energy which accompanies rounding a new corner in life.
Fun and helpful bonus:  Laura asks 3 questions of her collectors 
"1. Do you love it?"
"2. Would you wear it?"
"3. If I come back and it's gone, will you regret that it isn't yours?"

"If you answer "yes" to all 3 questions, you have found your reflection in art to wear."