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Lake Pepin Pendant Small by Murphy Designs
Lake Pepin Pendant Small by Murphy Designs
Lake Pepin Pendant Small by Murphy Designs

Lake Pepin Pendant Small by Murphy Designs

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This Sterling pendant is the perfect gift for most any occasion.  This includes a child's birth, graduation or a birthday, including a day trip to Lake Pepin to celebrate "living in the moment" on an "ordinary day", with magnificent scenery surrounding you.  Come visit Lake Pepin.  Truly, it is breath taking year round.

This sterling pendant's near nickel size scale makes it versatile and easy to wear.  It could easily be a "signature piece" that becomes part of your everyday attire.

It is 1 1/4" long x 13/16" wide.  *Amount of oxidation and finish will vary.*

Patrick Murphy created this piece in Minnesota, close to the Mississippi river (but he also has a deep love for the Chippewa River).

The Lake Pepin Pendant by Murphy Designs was inspired by a painting of Lake Pepin by Joseph Rusling Meeker. 

"Online Exhibition: Recording, Dramatizing and Symbolizing Rivers: 
Treasures from the Minnesota Marine Art Museum Vault

 The Recorded River Environment: In the middle of the 19th century, Hudson River School artists like Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, Joseph Meeker and John Kensett carried with them a romantic view of nature – even a spiritual one. As America expanded west, the prevalence of “Manifest Destiny,” which was a mentality that European-American settlers were destined to colonize across America, reinforced this romantic view of America’s wilderness. Artists like these, and many artists of today, also record the world around them as they see it, even if that recording comes with romantic notions and decisions affected by personal experiences.

Joseph Rusling Meeker, Lake Pepin, Minnesota, Oil on Canvas, 1875, Private Collection"
Minnesota Marine art Museum, Winona Minnesota