OPEN BNOX Jewelry Studio ~ FRESH ART TOUR June 7, 8 & 9 ~10AM-5PM ~

BNOX Jewelry Studio

BNOX Jewelry Studio/ BNOX Gold & Iron is a jewelry gallery in Pepin Wisconsin. I have owned it since 1993. Before this, if you don't count the making mud vessels in clay deposits as a child, it begins as a jewelry maker and designer at the University of Wisconsin Stout. I had found my life's path and graduated in 1992 with an Fine Arts degree and a concentration in Art Metals

As of late, a stroll through the a garden or down a village street has inspired the earth's beauty in my jewelry in castings of sprouting branch tips and lovely textured seed pods. I have gathered most not far from home, though always keep my eyes pealed while on vacation.

As each artist breathes the world around them and exhales the energy of their "place", likewise, my designs often represent the precious, delicate ever changing world around me and the magnification in which I enjoy it. The idea of casting these delicate specimens into metal has been slowly saturating my design desires for years and it is just this era of my artwork that I am ready to apply it.

Lake Pepin, too, has inspired me. Waking up to the waters edge of Lake Pepin, a 21 mile, bluff lined widening of the Mighty Mississippi has inspired alluvial liquid movement in my designs. 

My hope is that you get a sense of the intricacies of each Infinitesimal droplet of water and pod I have studied, admired and found inspiration in, and that its reflection back to you, is both Nature and Nurture. 

Thank you for the opportunity to show you my work.

Rebecca Paquette
BNOX Jewelry Studio