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Copy of Watermelon Tourmoline 14ky Pendant by Lori Braun SOLD

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This description is going to be enthusiastic because I LOVE tourmoline!  It's "super power", the strawberry pink and contrasting moss green of this lovely tourmoline requests a simple setting.  It needs nothing else.   If you love tourmoline or learn to love it after being introduced to this pendant, you understand the captivating depths  and variety of tourmoline colors and pink puddle intrigue. 

A slender slice of a tourmoline crystal was polished on both sides.  Like stained glass, neighboring colors next to it are impactful.  It is my opinion that mother nature has taken the most luscious colors and put them in tourmoline. This is the stone for the green eyes of the world. Guess what mine are!

Lori, none the less, set this candy-like tourmoline in a substantial gauge of 14ky and it is going nowhere.  She cleverly shaped the gold behind the tourmoline into a convex shape to further the it's depth .   

And if you have green eyes, put this pendant on and leave it on, FOREVER.  It will always look fantastic on you!   It's moderate, easy to wear size is 3/4"  long x 9/16" wide. 

Lori Braun created this gem in Minnesota.

P.S.  If you eyes other than green, it will still look fantastic on you!