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Valentines Day & 25

Valentines Day & 25    Valentines Day... Okay, but what does 25 have to do with it? 
We all have our own code words and special ways to say we love another.  "25" has to do with a notable book our family has filled with silly scenarios and wondrous quotes from my children.  It is the scrappy thing now, with random papers shoved in it, that I pop open from time to time when we need a good laugh.   A fragrant gem rose from it's story garden recently that changed the language of love around our house. 

It said, "Mom do you love me 25 or 26?"   That was a serious question from one of my very young children who clearly thought 25 or 26 was an extremely high number.   He was asking me how much I loved him.   

After sitting dormant for many years in this treasured book,  now 25 and 26 are alive again, in a house full of creative boys, who constantly check to see if their fledgling wings will ever help them escape the Pepin lair.   In a simple, yet covert number spoken, we can express love in passing, without all of the mushy stuff they used to tolerate.

As the Numbers 25 and 26 now do, BNOX Jewelry Studio also inspires creative love expression.  Let BNOX assist you in your articulation of LOVE this upcoming Valentines Day. 

Photo credit Stephan Kistler of Minneapolis MN